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Intermission is a professional development opportunity for young and developing artists to learn all aspects of the exhibition process. Under the mentorship of Alternator staff and professional artists from the community, artists gain hands-on experience exhibiting their own shows and learn about everything from writing and submitting proposals to planning, installation, marketing and take down. Intermission will be organized between major exhibitions throughout the year, and will give amateur artists the chance to acquire valuable skills and experience in the arts.

  • Paper Trail

    November 6th- 14th 

    The art in Paper trail explores the many mediums of printmaking and gives the viewer a more diverse appreciation for the amount of work put into each process. Each... more

  • The Parallel Collective: Re-

    May 15 - 22, 2015 

    Have you ever told someone else’s story, only to find your version of events somewhat slanted? In Re-, The Parallel Collective’s second exhibit at the Alternator,... more

  • Malcolm McCormick - Almost All It Is

    May 15 - 23, 2015 


  • The Parallel Collective: Sicamous Stories

    March 14 - 21, 2015 

    Focusing on the process of documentation, The Parallel Collective set out to explore road-trip culture. The trip was less about the destination and more about the journey.... more

  • Art on the Line 2015

    January 9 - 16, 2015 

    Intermission: A Preview of Art on the Line Opening Reception: January 9 2015, 7-9pm Exhibition Open to the Public: January 9-16, 2015 Admission by donation The... more

Call for Submissions

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