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6th Annual Wearable Art Gala

March 14, 2009

Self-expression and extravagance reigned at the Alternator's Wearable Art Gala 2009, as a huge, diverse and daring crowd took in the sold-out theatre show, and over 200 partygoers danced late into the night, making it the Alternator's most successful event ever.

Stage Show
The sold-out Gala Show blended burlesque sex appeal, clever design, breathtaking performance art, vaudeville humour, and sheer spectacle. Congratulations to the award winners in all prize categories: Amber Choo's Bright Idea lightbulb disco ball for Most Innovative Use of Materials; Chunky Chunky Meat Paint by Citizen Lube Productions for Most Outrageous Performance; Pineapple Kiwi by Jacqueline Rieger for Hair and Make-up; and Varua by June Nicolay for Most Poetic. The Kinshira Performance Troupe won the $500 prize kindly donated by George Cwiklewski for the People's Choice Award, and Gerard Cadger's Industrial Angel, a mysterious and beautiful four legged creature constructed of recycled metal won for Most Cover Worthy. Michael V Smith was fabulous as the Emcee.

Closing Party
It was Prom Night meets Burning Man at WAG Unleashed. Costumed performers mingled with gala-goers dressed to the nines and dance party guests of all stripes - the elegant, the sexy, and the just plain outrageous - in a fantasy space created by Arthur Schwimmer. Mad street style, vintage glamour and gender mayhem combined as partygoers went all-out, adorned with dramatic body art provided by Martin Garépy with DJs JGirl, Manousos, and Wood n Soo presiding.


1. Condom Clothing
Living Positive Resource Centre
Condom Dress Nice
Artist: Nadine Spence
Model: Buffy Mills

Condom Dress Naughty
Artist: Chris MacKenzie
Model Brooklynn Hewitt

2. Chunky Chunky Meat Paint
Chad Pratch & Melissa Strzelec
Citizen Lube Productions

3. Bachelorette
Hanss Lujan

4. It's only a Game
Alanna De Rousie & Marissa Brown

5. Walk Like a Man
Molly McChesney and Darren Sim

6. Gift Wrapped
Victoria Wan

7. Cupcake
Breanne Bates

8. Puddle Jumper
Caitlen Cruikshank

9. Pineapple Kiwi
Jacqueline Rieger

10. Cupcake Walk
Christine Guerrero

11. J'ai envie de toi
Curtis Oland

12. Livewire
Jacqui Harvey

13. Inflorescence
Jacklyn Harris & Heather Leier

14 Bright Idea
Amber Choo

15. Dreamscapes
Kinshira Fire Troupe

16. Ano Senshi
Stephanie Allen

17. Lace Machine
Lacia Vogel

18. Ice Queen
Pamela Turner

19. Wind
Liz Dumontet

20. Varua
June Nicolay

21. Sea Queen
Brandi James

22. From the Deep
Emily Alston

23. Alma De la Jungla
Estefania Hernandez

24. The Last Peacock
Peter Haydon

25. Mother Nature and her Creation
Angela Duclos & Lauren Gemmell

26. Distraction
Kathryn Newman-Renwick

27. The name of the Tree is Ungalli
Judith Mueller

28. The Fire Spirit
Dylan Prince

29. The Earth is Gonna Throw Up Over Us
Muriel Provencal Rosevear & Linda Sampson

30. Untitled
Kendall Cowley

31. Coffee
Emily Geen

32. Poker Face
Ellis Hughes & Jessica Proctor

33. Star Wars Cape
Barbori Streibl

34. Happy Jelly Fish
Mahsa Nikbakhsh

35. The Chief
Jorge Saavedra

36. Literally Pop Culture
Sarah Kent & Renae Roles

37. Merciless Cult
Katie Gallant & Shed Ferraz

38. Musical Metamorphosis
Amberyl Carter

39. Trash With Class
Kirk Chavarie

Hailey Bosk & Desiree Wagner

41. The Unknown Battle of the Two Different Rivals
Tony Wang & Laine Tuchiwsky

42. Fallen Industrial Angel
Gerard Cadger

43. Part of Machinery
Zachary Trask

44. Interruption in Blue
Melanie Perrault

45. Laughing From the Other Side of Your Face
Chelsea Culp

46. Body of Masks
Kayla Wittman

47. Talk Shows on Mute
Grace Alvarez

48. Colour Me Consciously
Teagan Hillyard

49. Candi
Kathryn Holden

50. Sojourn of the Disenchanted
Aaryn Max Kundell

51. Sermon of Borealis
Matthew Brown

52. Morbiddly Awkward
Alaura Ewen

53. Wildman
Bracken H'anuse Corlett

54. The Art of Pain
Heather Martin & Timothy Fehr

55. Evol Circus Does Vaudeville

A very special thank-you to all of our event sponsors:
George Cwiklewski
Arthur Schwimmer
Off-Centre Magazine
Idea Bureau
Sonoran Estate Winery
JGirl & Manousos
Loft Hair
Roller Hair
One Love Lighting
Big Rock Brewery
Kinshira Performance Troupe
Feel the Rhythm Drumming
VJ Arthur Schwimmer
Nova Rae Interiors
White Rose Limousines
Royal Anne Hotel
Chai Baba
Leo's Video
Man Made 1972
Hemp City
ValleyWide Contracting Inc.
Crosswood Productions
Aris Photography

With support from the Department of Creative Studies at the University of British Columbia Okanagan - in particular, professors Renay Egami, Neil Cadger, Denise Kenney, Jim Kalnin and the first-year visual arts students.

A huge thanks to the 74 artists, 22 models and 75 volunteers who made this event possible. The WAG is the Alternator's major annual fundraiser and all proceeds go to support our operations as Kelowna's only artist-run centre - bringing innovative exhibitions and special events to Kelowna year-round, while supporting the careers of local emerging artists. Finally, thanks to all our gala guests, for bringing your enthusiasm, and your excellent style, to make this the most memorable WAG yet.

Brittny Anderson, Bridgette Bay, Jason Bednar, Sue Bizecki, Nico Bohren, Brigette, Renee Burgess, Mary-Ann Carlton, Michelle Depaul, Ryan Downey, Alex Dundas, Kate Eggleston, Britanny Falk, Janet Fiddler, Gerry Garrett, Monika Gordon, Jean-Paul Griffen, Mike Griffen, Judith Hewlett, Gail Hourigan, Adiran Hunt, Heather Hunt, Nasim Jamal Bahbahani, Jerome, Jessica Johnson, Denise Kenney, Jake Kennedy, Nicole Kraubner, Christopher Lefebvre, Paul Lewendon, Anthony Markus, Erika Meisel, Aris Moraitis, Connie Olsen, Alice Pallet, Ray Perreault, Khanny Pham, Tiffiney Pham, Camilla Pickard, Jennifer Pickering, Danielle Ringuette, Bryan Rosberg, Jessica Ross, Julie Saragosa, Tracy Satin, Marie Scarborough, Arthur Schwimmer, Seth, Lisa Snelling, Catherine Spenser, Natalia Usselman, Bob Verigin, Sean-Michael Williams, Chelsea Wilson, Jason Woodford, Stephanie Woods and Hailey Wright.
The Alternator would also like to thank Renay Egami, Jim Kalnin, Neil Cadger and their visual students at the University of British Columbia Okanagan for supporting this event.

The WAG Team:
Neil Cadger, Michelle Depaul, Jennifer Pickering, Khanny Pham, Kathryn Swanson & Marie Scarborough
Liz McKinney, Angela Reid, Joe Gates, Arlette Weygers & Glenna Turnbull

Photography & Video:
Ray Perreault
Bob Verigin
Jean-Paul Griffen
Nasim Jamal Bahbahni
Aris Moraitis
Jason Woodford
Kelly Veltri
Sean-Michael Williams

Alternator Board of Directors:
President: Mike Griffin
Treasurer: Gerry Garrett
Secretary: Marie Scarborough

Members at Large:
Neil Cadger
Jake Kennedy
Kyle Zsombor
Renita Kraubner
Nicole Kraubner
Monika Gordon
Lisa Snelling
Danielle Ringuette

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