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Rethink 150: Call for Submissions for Public Exhibition

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Time? 12:00 am
We invite residents of the Okanagan Valley to contribute to an un-juried community art exhibition in the week including Canada Day. The objective of this exhibition is to provide members of the Okanagan community – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – with an opportunity to reflect critically on what Canada 150 means to them: to tell stories of the past, present, and future of the Okanagan; to reflect on relations to the land and people of this place; to engage with the ongoing effects of settler colonialism that are effaced by celebratory accounts of Canada 150; and to present the presence and strength of Syilx peoples.
This exhibition is supported by and located at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art (Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna Cultural District). It is open to professional and non-professional visual and performing artists whose work supports the objectives of Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth.
About Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth
Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth is collaborative project led by members of the Okanagan Syilx First Nation that encourages people to rethink the celebration of Canada 150 by drawing attention to the settler colonial context of the Okanagan and the long history of Indigenous peoples on their lands. Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth uses artistic interventions in multiple media, scales, and locations to tell truths about Syilx generosity to early settlers, residential schools, stolen lands and damaged ecosystems, and ongoing Syilx vitality. We are working to open public space for these truths, to generate cross-cultural listening and learning, to envision new ways of living together, and to leave a lasting, material legacy that can help transform landscapes and communities in the Okanagan.
About the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art
The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of our creative community. Since 1989, the Alternator has shown the work of emerging Canadian artists and helped develop the talents of local artists by providing a network of collaboration and sharing. We foster energetic, creative, critical discussion on art and culture. We believe in the greater positive potential of our creative community and value our role as key contributors to the cultural life of Kelowna and beyond.
For additional information and to download the digital submission forms, visit: www.facebook.com/pg/rethink150/events/ and view Call for Submissions
To submit completed applications forms & required documentation of proposed work, email: rethink150@gmail.com with subject line SUBMISSION

Call for Submissions

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