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The Need

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What is the need?

Too often in modern culture the imperative to immediately segue-way from school into a career leads many fine young artists away from their talent. There is rarely the community support that they would require to keep them focused and excited about the expression and growth of their artistic abilities. Consequently, they marginalize their talent and it remains unfulfilled. Artists view the world through different filters and the enhancement they bring to our culture is both historical and seismic. There is no denying the power of art!

How does The Alternator Centre meet the need? 

Enter The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art in Kelowna. We’re much more than a place for young artists to come and express themselves. We are their support team. We encourage them to explore their talents and push their limits. By offering them a place to meet, work and share, we provide a powerful, positive influence in their minds and their lives. By introducing them to other young artists in Kelowna, we help them create their own beneficial community. By showcasing their work to the larger community, we build bridges between the generations and help keep art in the conversation.

Call for Submissions

 The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre...