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The Benefit

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How do participants benefit?

Artists who have a regular outlet for their creative energies are productive within their community and connected to it. The young people who develop their talents at The Alternator Centre grow in confidence, not just in how they apply their art, but in how they view their importance within their community. Confidence is itself a regular outcome of the individuals who spend some time with us. That confidence is translated into other facets of their lives, just as athletes find ways to inculcate their own learnings and outcomes.

How does the community benefit?

The act of creation is the essence of our purpose and is an essential component to our progress as a civilization. When we support the creative talent of young artists, we encourage culture, which humanizes us. Through our public outreach activities, which include a diverse selection of workshops, artist talks, and alternative events, we encourage dialogue here in our community. A community with a strong and regenerating artistic culture is a rich one. When our artists are engaged in artistic expression, they find a focus for their lives. They develop the ability to question, to reject conventional thinking, to open their minds to what isn’t always obvious, to persevere and to collaborate. What better gifts could we give the young artists of our own community than to encourage the ethics of hard work, creative expression and collaboration?

Call for Submissions

 The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre...