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What We Do

- Support emerging and alternative local artists by, for instance, providing studio space, audio-video production facilities, workshops, mentorship, opportunities to show work in the gallery and online, as well as networks of collaboration and sharing.

- Support exhibitions and projects that are engaged, experimental, and collaborative; specifically exhibitions that transcend the boundaries of normative understandings of the gallery space to engage with the broader community, including satellite exhibitions, site-specific, performative and/or interactive (components of) exhibitions, presentations, film-screenings, talking-circles, etc.

- Provide a sustainable structure for the support of artists and alternative arts. We believe that the state has an obligation to foster and support artistic culture but also believe that an artist-run centre depends upon its membership for its culture, management, operations, and vibrancy. We are committed to supporting people to live as artists by paying CAR/FAC,or other nationally recognized standard scale and wages. We recognize our role as a dynamic collective body within the physical and social environments of the Okanagan.

Call for Submissions

 The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is an artist-run centre...